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ICE MOON RISING is sci-fi suspense thriller that centers around a team of explorers who travel to Jupiter’s Moon Europa. When their mission takes a turn for the worst the crew is bitten by mysterious creatures that forces Captain Elliot Drexler “DREX” and a few others to be frozen until they could return with a cure. 22 years later, Laura Drexler leads another group alongside daughter Maddie and mission specialist Dr. Richard Sikes on a rescue mission. However, this trip is financed for scientific purposes that leads to selfish motives and a fight for what is more important. Laura is desperately trying to reunite her family and will do whatever it takes. Will she be able to find Drex and more importantly will they be able to make it off Europa alive.


Jeffrey Archer's Number One Bestseller. Adam goes to England for his father’s funeral and is willed a mysterious letter. Upon discovering the letter’s contents, Adam is immediately on the run and finds himself being pursued by Russia, the CIA, and MI6.


Based on the book “Suffer the Little Children” by Stephen King, the story takes place in New York, a woman with a history of mental illness becomes the teacher to a group of monstrous, inhumane first graders


Veronica Rossi’s bestselling young adult sci-fi/fantasy trilogy has been published in 26 countries. In the first book, Aria is exiled from the safety of her technologically advanced “Pod” into the dangerous outside world. She sets out to find her missing mother, who is her only chance at survival. Aria ends up being rescued by Perry— a young hunter on a quest to save his kidnapped nephew. Eventually, the two come to realize that they both need each other to survive, as each may hold answers to their respective plights.


Gabby Wolf is trading in Phoenix (nice but uneventful life with boyfriend) for Manhattan (dream job as producer for highly successful news show). When her boyfriend proposes she’s torn and wishes she didn’t have to decide…she never expects her wish to come true. Suddenly Gabby’s living two lives. Whenever she falls asleep in one, she wakes up in the other. She’s got the best of both worlds – what more could a girl ask for?! Right?


Based on Bill Granger's bestselling "November Man" book series, the story revolves around Peter Devereaux who partners with NSA Agent Rachel Parish to uncover a mole within the system after a Russian defect is killed in a suicide bombing.


JETMAN is a fast-paced thriller centered around Charlie Benant (60), an adventure-seeker with a mysterious past. He is recruited to join a group of experienced thieves who specialize in robbing airplanes that transport money. Their leader, Zai (35), believes Charlie is actually the legendary DB Cooper and together they prepare for their biggest heist yet. However, it turns out Charlie is actually working alongside the FBI to try and take down their notorious crew and figure out who their mysterious financier is. When Charlie’s longtime girlfriend, Daji Su, is captured as collateral he is forced to become imbedded in his cover. Will he be able to get himself and Su alive and at the same time figure out his mysterious past? This contained thriller combines the intelligence of “Point Break” with the dramatic twists and turns of “SWAT.”


A former NSA agent is recruited to bring down a rogue Intelligent agency, only to realize he may be helping the wrong side...


After defeating an all-time champion in a wrestling tournament, a fearless DWARF earns the trust of his Highness PRINCE COSIMO and becomes his right hand man. As a result, he is exposed to all of the chaos and politics of the region. With an undying loyalty, The Dwarf swears to protect his master by whatever means he sees fit. From assassinating the enemy king to exposing the Princess' affair, The Dwarf will stop at nothing to get rid of anything that stands in his master's way.


A security agent finds himself a target of Indian Intelligence when a client he has escorted to India appears to be associated with Black Market activity.



THE RED THREAD is an enthralling love story with a metaphysical twist. Set in modern-day Shanghai, it follows the romance of a Chinese art auctioneer, Shen, and a young Australian painter, Ruth, who discover that their lives are paralleling the classic 19th century memoir “Six Chapters of a Floating Life.” When Ruth falls ill, Shen must recover the missing final two chapters of the manuscript in order to save his beloved.

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